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Laser Cut Tags from Total Lockout never fade

If your plant asset tags are starting to fade and becoming difficult to read, consider switching to permanent laser cut tags from Total Lockout. The concept of this tag is beautifully simple. Rather than scratch the surface to mark the tag, cut the letters and numbers right through. And if you use a good quality stainless steel. they’ll never rust.

The tag images in this blog are 125mm x 25mm 20SWG 316 Stainless Steel. They’re very hard wearing and will last for centuries (as yet untested).

We can make these tags from any size, any shape, any material. Just send us a sketch or e-mail outlining your requirements and we’ll price it up for you. Like all things in life, cost is a factor of quantity, material and size. As a price guide, the small batch of tags shown in this blog sold for about £10 ($13.00) each.


laser cut tags