Hydraulic Equipment Lockout

Hydraulic Equipment Lockout


Safe isolation and lockout of hydraulic equipment is essential in advance of any maintenance or blockage clearance work. Even with the machine locked out, a hydraulic machine can retain stored energy causing is to move unexpectedly.

Despite this additional hazard, the lockout procedure is simple and straight forward and will provide complete protection if the following basic steps are followed.

  1. Locate the hydraulic pump motor isolator.
  2. Turn the isolator to the 'OFF' position.
  3. Lock the isolator in the 'OFF' position using an approved safety padlock.
  4. Apply a lockout tag indicating details of the work being carried out, name of the maintenance engineer and expected completion date/time.
  5. Close and lock the cylinder supply valve.
  6. Open the cylinder drain valve enabling the fluid to drain into the reservoir.
  7. Lock the valve in the open position with an approved safety padlock and affix a lockout tag, as above.
  8. If the hydraulic ram is able to move under its own weight ensure the ram is fully lowered.
  9. If it's not possible to lower the ram, chock the ram in place using a suitable/substantial chock.

Below are images of the equipment needed for safe isolation and lockout of hydraulic systems.
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