ExxonMobil choose portable valve actuators.

The versatility of our range of portable valve actuators has assisted ExxonMobil at the Baytown Refinery in operating troublesome valves. In this latest application our AVPP50 pneumatic actuator has been adapted to operate valves located below ground.pneumatic actuator case

The conventional method for turning these valves is a Tee Handle which was used to reach down to the valve. The portable valve actuator was supplied with a special adaptor plate to connect to the Tee handle.

To protect the equipment and to provide portability, the actuator and ancillary equipment was supplied with a durable storm case.


When choosing a portable valve actuator there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

Power choice includes pneumatic, cordless battery, electric and petrol (gas) motor. It’s important to choose the version which is most suitable to the working environment. In the case of pneumatic or electric, air and plug connections need to be near to the operating location. If choosing the petrol/gas motor model, this can only be used outside or in a well ventilated area.

The cordless battery model is not affected by these operational issues although it does have limitations of operational duration.actuator case

Another important factor is the amount of torque required to turn the valve. It should also be remembered that the higher the torque output, the slower the spindle speed.

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