Padlock Storage Cabinet is ideal for Holcim Cement

Holcim is one of the leading suppliers of cements and aggregates in The United States. With many potentially hazardous processes on site, a robust lockout tagout system is essential to maintaining worker safety on site. As part of this system Holcim in Bloomsdale Missouri have chosen Total Lockout to supply a bespoke padlock storage and management cabinet.

This style of padlock storage cabinet offers excellent visibility of the contents. It can hold up to 150 padlocks (depending on the size of lock in use). When the padlock is removed an outline is revealed giving instant visibility at a glance indicating which locks are present and which are out on site. The cabinet also incorporate a full viewing window in the door, again to give excellent visibility.

An additional feature on the Holcim cabinet is a lockout rail running along three sides. This provide the ability to lock the cabinet door closed with other, lockout padlocks.

Key Features:

  • Capacity for 150 padlocks
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Full size viewing window/door
  • Exterior Padlock Rail
  • Double Cylinder Door Lock



Holcim 150 lock capacity padlock cabinet