Bray Valve Interlock

Interlock Specials

With our partnership with Alcatraz Interlocks we can design and manufacture any type of mechanical interlock for any piece of host equipment. Integrating a mechanical interlock as part of a logical critical process can significantly enhance operational safety.

Bray Controls awarded two orders over the last years due to its special designs. An interlock system was developed for the Bray Series 35, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve PN10 DN800 and PN10 DN900.

The interlocking system is designed to, in case of an emergency, close the valve rapidly and lock the valve in closed position. Only after the control room has approved re-opening, the valve can be manually unlocked. By means of the stroking the actuator at location, the valve will re-open and remain open.

The end user of the Bray butterfly valves in combination with Alcatraz Interlocks is the TU Delft, on an application related to TU Delft: Reactor Institute Delft.