Pneumatic Valve Driver Pistol Grip Style

Pneumatic Power Portable Valve Drive

Where operating conditions allow, a pneumatic power tool option is available.For continual use, this tool requires air flow of around 40cfm. Either connect to available on-site mains air or a portable compressor.

3/4″ Square drive with direct connection to the valve stem via bespoke mounting kit, or universal wheel drive plate. Always use with a reaction device to protect the operator against snagging.

This tool can provide constant valve wheel driving throughout the full stroke of the valve. It doesn’t matter if the valve has a reduction gearbox or direct drive hand wheel. The mounting kit provided will be adapted to suit prevailing operating set up.

Pistol grip style pneumatic valve driver
Output Drive3/4"3/4"
Output Torque20-100Nm (14-73 ft/lbs)80-500Nm (59-368ft/lbs)
Speed290 RPM55 RPM
Air Consumption40cfm40cfm
Max Air Pressure105psi105psi
Noise<85dB(A) <85dB(A)
Vibration<2.5m/sec <2.5m/sec
Weight2.5kgs (5.5 lbs)2.8kgs (6.2lbs)