small gate valve interlock

Handwheel Valve Interlocks

Interlock description

Alcatraz integral multi turn (type DML/SML) valve interlocks fit on all types of handwheel operated valves, such as gate, globe and all gear operated valves. The handwheel valve interlocks are easy to install, even when the valve is in a live process. They are mounted on multi turn valves to interlock the locked open and/or locked closed position of the valve. Only if both keys are inserted into the lock portions the valve can be operated. The first key can only be released in the fully open position, the other key can only be released in the fully closed position.

Typical applications include changeover valves (gate or globe), pressure relief valves, loading and unloading of pig traps and sampling devices.

Types of valve locks available

  • SMLO: single key integral multi turn valve lock, locked open
  • SMLC: single key integral multi turn valve lock, locked closed
  • DML: double key integral multi turn valve lock, locked open and closed

Interlock dimensions

  • DML1: 163 x 123 x 100 mm (L x W x H)
  • DML2: 199 x 159 x 135 mm (L x W x H)

excl. lever and bracket (depending on valve size)

Lock features

  • Solid, compact design and construction with a minimum of moving parts.
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316, electro polished. The electro-polishing process smooths and streamlines the microscopic surface of a metal object such as 304, 316 and the 400 stainless steel series.
  • Our key will survive a drop of more than 25 meters according to the drop weight impact test, ASTM E208.
  • Easy and smooth operation, also with industrial gloves.
  • Transferable lock portions.
  • Fire safe in accordance with the API 607 sixth edition test.
  • Tested on functioning in low temperatures.
  • Resistant against sand, dirt, and moisture.
  • Easy to install, even when the valve is in a live process.
  • Maintenance free, no grease necessary.
  • Tamperproof.
  • Automatic closing AISI 316 protection caps on keyholes with text plate as standard.
  • Ergonomic key position.
  • As an option the integration of electronic components
    such as limit and proximity switches are available.