Who is responsible for the Lockout Tagout Program
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Who is responsible for the lockout tagout program?

LOTO programs are implemented to protect employees during machine and equipment servicing or maintenance where unexpected machine energization, start-up, or release of stored energy could cause injury.

The underlying question, who is responsible for the lockout program, is often asked, when in fact all individuals within the workplace have a responsibility.

A manager is responsible for creating the lockout tagout program and documenting all specific energy control procedures. This involves identifying the employees, machines, equipment and processes that need to be included. Once the lockout tagout program has been created, managers have the task of delivering training to authorized employees, providing the necessary equipment required for the lockout tagout procedures and carrying out periodic inspections.

The next level of authority in the lockout tagout program is the responsibility of supervisors. Supervisors must ensure specific procedures are established for machines and equipment in their designated area. This involves delegating responsibility so only trained employees can perform servicing or maintenance on machines that require lockout and distributing the necessary equipment (as passed down from manager) to authorized employees. If outside contractors carry out servicing or repairs on equipment or machinery, it is also the supervisors job to ensure they are up to date on the lockout procedures.

Lastly, employees must follow procedures that have been developed and implemented by managers and supervisors, reporting any problems associated with equipment, procedures or locking out.

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