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Total Lockout introduces new ‘eco’ range

We have recently launched a new ‘eco’ range of lockout tagout products to our website, giving our customers greater choice and flexibility.

Our new range includes products such as padlocks, safety hasps, lockout stations, signs and valve lockout devices. The significance of this range, is that all the products have been manufactured with high quality recycled materials, combining functionality and performance with social responsibility.

All of the products are ‘UL’ validated, giving our customers the mark of ‘GREEN’ assurance. UL is an organization that confirms higher levels of recycled materials in products, as well as compliance with various green codes, standards and procedures.

The products are now live on our website. The range is currently only available to purchase in the US.

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25 mm Safety Hasp
38m Shackle Padlocks All Colours
Lockout Tagout Statiion 8 Padlocks