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Group Lockout Boxes – Portable or Wall Mounted?

Group lockout boxes are used as part of a multi-worker activity when maintenance is carried out on machinery and equipment.

Group Lockout refers to the process of protecting multiple workers involved in working on the same piece of equipment. Each worker who is gaining access to the machinery or electrical hazard must have a means to ensure the equipment cannot be re-energized until their work is finished. After placing the padlock on the switch or valve, the workers place the key to their personal padlock in the group lockout boxes. This allows a quick overview of who is still working without having to go to each energy point.

Lockout boxes vary in shape size and colour and provide protection for group lockout procedures. Our range of group lockout boxes can be portable or wall mounted and some even feature a section to hold documentation/permit to work forms.

Portable Lockout Boxes allow easy transportation of lockout equipment and keys from one area to another. They are commonly used in environments where equipment is moved frequently, and so they can be moved from site to site or be kept near their assigned equipment. Portable lockout boxes make lockout more convenient and lessen downtime during the maintenance cycle.

Below are some of our portable group lockout boxes – click on the product images for more information.


Wall Mounted Lock Boxes are designed to be easily mounted, improving accessibility for group lockout areas. Group lockout boxes generally have a clear tamper proof front cover which allows easy viewing of cabinet contents, granting workers the ability to see what team members are currently working without going to each energy point.

Below are some of our wall mountable group lockout boxes – click on the product images for more information.

pigeon-hole lock box system

Our product range also includes lockout boxes that can be both wall mounted and portable. View the full range here.