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New questionnaire helps gathering valve information

New questionnaire helps users of portable valve actuators gather valve information.

Total Lockout have published a questionnaire sheet to be used by customers planning to buy our Modec portable valve actuators. The sheet highlights all the information needed about the valves to be operated. Customers who use the sheet can be certain that when their portable valve actuator equipment arrives on site, everything will connect up smoothly.

In order to ensure a good fit, information about the existing valve wheels is often needed. Details like valve wheel diameter, number of spokes, whether or not the valve wheel is flat or tapered are all important when determining which drive plates will be needed. The new questionnaire sheet from Total Lockout guides the operators through the process of collecting this information.

If you’re contemplating a future purchase of portable valve actuators, download the questionnaire sheet today. Once it’s filled in, send it back to Total Lockout who can put together an accurate quotation of the equipment needed.

Click here to download the questionnaire