Group Lockout Boxes
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TYPE 1-7 Group Lockout Boxes

Servicing and maintenance operations performed by a group of employees are often more complex than servicing or maintenance performed by an individual.

Safety lockout boxes are ideal for group lockout situations. After the equipment to be worked on has been locked off, all lockout keys/fuses etc are placed inside the lockout box and locked by the responsible person using the control key. Each worker then removes and retains a secondary key ensuring access cannot be gained to the keys/fuses etc. Only when all secondary keys are in position, can the responsible person open the lockout box using the control key.

TYPE 1-7 Group Lockout Boxes from Total Lockout are made from high quality mild steel and come standard in 7 sizes. You can choose the number of secondary locks required.

Product features:

  • Control key can be withdrawn in the locked and unlocked positions
  • Secondary keys are captive and can only be withdraw when in the locked position
  • All secondary keys are ‘keyed to differ’
  • Control keys can be ‘keyed alike’ for multiple boxes under the control of the responsible person
  • All keys are provided with brass identification tags
  • Built in external key rack which is locked in place when the door is closed
  • All lock numbers are recorded
  • Fixing points for padlocks

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