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How to stop fuel spillages entering the watercourse.

Total Lockout have installed a safety interlock system from Alcatraz, designed to ensure valves are operated in the correct sequence during fuel tanker delivery operations.

We were on site at a water pumping station this week completing the installation of a safety interlock system.

The pumping station is designed to pump water along a network of underground pipes. The station is powered by a large generator which runs on diesel fuel.

From time to time, the diesel fuel tank needs to be filled. To ensure that any fuel spillages don’t make their way into the water course, a valve control system fitted with safety interlocks ensures that valves are operated in the correct sequence.

The fuel delivery takes place over a lowered capture bund which directs any spillages into a drain. Ensuring a valve in the spillage drain is closed is achieved with an SML interlock from Alcatraz. Only when this valve is proven to be closed, can fuel delivery valves be opened. Given that the drain hole and drain valve were located right in the centre of the vehicle driveway, we installed an Armco Barrier around the pedestal mounted interlock to provided extra protection.

A simple, but highly effective system.


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