Custom 600 Capacity Padlock Storage Board Completed

An operations, maintenance and engineering contractor to the power generation industry commissioned Total Lockout to build a custom padlock storage cabinet for a power plant in Middletown, OH. Their requirement was to have storage space for 600 padlocks used by engineering teams for lockout/tagout procedures.

It was a requirement that each padlock hook should provide adequate space for the padlock to rest alone, with the key retained in the lock. This created a larger foot-print meaning the cabinet had to grow in size significantly. Total Lockout’s design department laid out each padlock to establish how much are was required to accommodate this quantity of padlocks. It was established that a cabinet of dimensions 1000mm x 2000mm x 400mm (39” x 78” x 16”) would be sufficient.

The cabinet would comprise a fixed back plate and an inner door with 200 padlock hooks on each face.

The cabinet shell was made from mild steel with epoxy paint coat finish and padlock hook boards made from a semi rigid vinyl composite. Lifting eye-bolts were provided to enable maneuvering the 170kg finished weight via mechanical handling. For safety reasons, wall anchors were incorporate to prevent the cabinet becoming unstable when in use.

Total Lockout have many years’ experience building custom cabinets to meet customers specific storage requirements. Our expertise lies in providing qualified advice on safe lockout tagout practices.

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Storage Cabinet 600 Padlock Capacity

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Padlock Storage Cabinet