Total Lockout create bespoke Padlock Storage Board

Total Lockout recently completed a project to create a bespoke padlock storage board for a large UK snack food brand. We previously supplied lockout padlock boards to this customer with a different specification so were pleased to be called upon once again for this latest venture.

Our customer expressed the need to be able to physically lock padlocks to the board, as opposed to just displaying them. Our customer also wanted the ability to view the unique numbers on the sides of each individual padlock. We designed the board and fitted a padlock rail, so padlocks could be locked into place and displayed sideways instead of front facing.

This padlock storage board can securely lock 92 padlocks in sequential order and has document holding space. When a padlock is removed, an outline is revealed giving instant visibility at a glance indicating which locks are present and which are out on site.

Lockout systems are widely recognised as safe working practices by OSHA who are an agency of the US government with the responsibility of ensuring safety at work and a healthful work environment.

At Total Lockout, we pride ourselves on having the experience and expertise to meet and surpass our customers’ requirements. We are able to customise these lockout storage boards to individual requirements, at any size, capacity and colour scheme.

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Mcvities Padlock Storage Board