Total Lockout Design & Manufacture Bespoke ID Tag

We recently worked on a project for one of our regular clients, an engineering equipment and services provider. They were looking to source some bespoke ID tags for their client who works in the Petrochemical product manufacturing industry.

Our customer provided us with a basic specification, then the Total Lockout team used their years of knowledge and experience to come up with a final design proposal that was approved. Throughout this process, we were mindful of the products purpose and made sure that the tags would be both highly visible and durable.

The first step was to make the tag. We cut out the desired shapes using our laser engraver before adding the required wording onto the front of the tag. The tags were brightly coloured and luminous for identification purposes.

To attach the tags to a form of equipment, we needed to create some form of connection. We began by cutting lengths of multi-strand Steel wire rope and then threading them through a hole in the tag. The wire rope was then connected with a ferrule and for added protection, a heat-shrink sleeve was also added.

Once threaded, a hydraulic crimp machine was used to compress the ferrule to prevent it from coming undone. The plastic heat-shrink sleeve was then placed over the crimp joint and heated to ensure that no sharp edges were visible.

The next step was to find a way to quickly attach the tags to the host equipment. A screw retaining type carabiner clip was sourced and tested, then approved by our client.

Our client was grateful that we were able to undertake this work for them as this allowed them to provide their customer with a solution to their problem. This is one of many projects we undertake to demonstrate our increasing manufacturing capability, we work closely with our customers to find unique requirements for specific jobs.

Our team have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial safety systems and are always ready to offer assistance for any project. Contact us to discuss any custom product requirements you may have.

Bespoke Lockout Tags

Bespoke Lockout Tags

Carabiner Tag Assignment