clean room valve interlock

Clean Room Valve Interlocks

Interlock description

Total Lockout offer a wide variety of process valve interlocks for high purity use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our interlocks are used for WFI (water for injection) systems, SIP/CIP applications and cleanrooms. With the reliability that we have shown you can rest assure of maximum service and technical support in years to come.

In this fast changing world, we make sure that our end users, contractors and engineers are succesful selecting the correct application for locking any type of valve (Diaphragm in particular).

Technical knowledge and design

Our technical knowledge makes us a unique interlock manufacturer. Our interlock designs are made with 3D CAD SolidWorks Professional. Our design team can customise components and give advice when you are facing challenges in the engineering field.

If you are looking for cleanroom applications such as valve interlocks on pharma high purity valve types, please contact us.

  • Cleanroom interlock valve types
  • ATEC sample ball valve
  • SISTO-C sanitary diaphragm valve