Introduction to the three areas of expertise covered by this website.

abus-lockout-padlock-application-10pcLockout / Tagout. A range of devices and equipment used for the implementation of safe isolation procedures. Helping businesses implement a safe system of work and compliance with prevailing safety standards including OSHA, CSA, The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations and The Electricity at Work Regulations.

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valve interlock groupMechanical Key Interlocks. Also known as Trapped Key Interlocks, these are widely used throughout industry to control critical operating sequences when operating valves or gaining access to potentially hazardous machinery. A key interlock system negates the risk of human error.

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APS100N-petrol-motor-valve-wheel-turner-application-02aIntroducing ‘Valve Assist’. A range of portable valve drive tools which can be used to take the hard work out of operating manual valves. We offer valve drive tools in the following power options. Cordless Battery, Gas/Petrol Motor, Electric and Pneumatic.

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EHV icon Electric & Hybrid Vehicles. This rapidly growing industry present its own array of hazards and risks. We help businesses and workers in this industry keep abreast of these issues and acquire the knowledge and equipment to carry out their work safely.

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