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Portable Valve Drivers

Valve Assist from Total Lockout is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves. Valves can become difficult to operate for a number of reasons. Mostly due to long periods where the valve is never operated. During this time, the moving parts within deteriorate. Lubrication dries up and corrosion may set in.

A program of valve exercising is essential to keeping valves in good working order and identifying maintenance needs. This is where ‘Valve Assist’ comes in to its own. Each portable drive tool is equipped with a mounting kit designed to couple the drive tool to the valve input shaft or hand wheel. As well as this, the tool incorporates a reaction device design to absorb any torque load when the valve encounters a tight spot or stops on its seat.

This all makes Valve Assist a compelling proposition to significantly speed up operation and also reduce the risk of strain injury to the operator.

See below our range of gas (petrol) motor, cordless battery, electric & pneumatic power tools.

Pneumatic Valve Drivers

Pneumatic valve drivers are safe to use in any industrial environment as they do not heat, spark or smoke.

Cordless Battery Valve Drivers

Battery powered valve drivers are designed for ultimate convenience, the hand-held tools are cordless and lightweight.

Gas/Petrol Motor Valve Drivers

Gas/Petrol motor valve drivers offer unlimited autonomy and are ideal for use in remote environments.

Electric Valve Drivers

Electric valve drivers offer excellent autonomy and are ideal to operate freely, anywhere as they are smoke free.

Pistol Grip

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Valve Assist, portable valve actuators are designed to speed up the operation of large valves, and also valves which have become stiff to operate over extended periods without use or maintenance.

Protecting workers against the possibility of strain injury is just one of many Health and Safety issues which are a high priority in any work place. Injuries of this type sustained when operating valve wheels can now be avoided with Valve Assist from Total Lockout.

Not only is the risk of strain injury significantly reduced, but productivity is improved by speeding up valve operation.

Total Lockout’s Valve Assist range of Portable Valve Actuators provides a simple, cost effective way of greatly reducing the strain associated with operating ‘difficult’ valves or other equipment originally designed to be manually operated, for example an aging Penstock mechanism in the Water Industry.

There are several different problems that are described to us by clients, the ones we hear most often are:

·         The physical effort required to operate their valves at site is too great.

·         A high number of turns is required to fully Open/Close their equipment.

·         Too much time is being taken to operate the equipment.

·         The need to use a team of people to operate the equipment as they need to take it in turns.

Thankfully modern Health and Safety legislation dictates that the employer is duty bound to provide a solution to some of these problems and simple economics covers the rest.

The installation of a fixed actuator could solve these problems, but a Valve Assist portable actuator gives you the flexibility to move from job to job operating multiple valves with a single tool.

This makes any Valve Assist Portable Valve Actuator commercially compelling.

valve-assist-portable-valve-drive-consultingWe can advise you on the optimum portable valve drive system to meet your operational needs. When you contact us we’ll ask you some basic questions so that we can visualize your existing set up.

This information gathering process will include details about the size and current method of operating valves. It’s also important for us to know about the working environment. Sometimes valves may be located in remote locations with uneven ground, all of which can affect the type of system we propose.

For example a sluice gate on a river course with no nearby power source could well benefit from a petrol/gas motor portable actuator. Whereas valves in oil/gas processing plant might well have mains air on tap nearby. In this case a pneumatic valve drive tool is likely to be the most suitable recommendation.

Whatever your operational situation, call us today to learn more about how our portable valve drives can help you.

When Valve Assist is delivered to site you have the option to take up training on the use and maintenance of the equipment as well as safety training.

Training will include:

  • Pre-use checks
  • Equipment suitability
  • General Operation
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Health & Safety

Valve Assist is available with a selection of different drive motor options, these include: Pneumatic, Electric, Battery and Petrol/Gasoline powered variants. Total Lockout can also provide ancillary equipment such as spare batteries, chargers, compressors, transformers etc as well.

Normally the host equipment requires little or no modification to incorporate the Valve Assist equipment, with bespoke mounting kits provided wherever possible.

If the equipment is to be operated frequently then we recommend that the drive adaptor and safety reaction device is left installed on the host valve/gearbox. If operation is less frequent a universal rapid fit/remove kit can be used on multiple pieces equipment. It should be noted that the safety reaction device (also known as anti-rotation device) is an integral feature of our designs which  ensures that all of the torque produced by the drive tool is transmitted to the valve and not to the operator.

We have many years experience helping clients determine the best solution for their application. We can help you choose the most suitable power tool and identifying the relevant mounting kit to suit your valves. If you have valves, penstocks, sluice gates which are problematic to operate, contact us today for advice.

We can visit site to discuss your application in detail and obtain the information that we need to prepare your proposal.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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