Scapin Cordless Battery Valve Wheel Drivers

Model Number: APB60N

The APB60N is a more powerful cordless battery powered portable valve drive tool that when coupled to the input drive shaft, makes it possible to operate hydraulic penstock valves and sluice gates without any physical effort from the operators.

It is particularly recommended for emergency operations when no electrical power is available, on electrified multi-revolution actuation systems. It can be used in any position (either vertical or horizontal).

The increased power output means higher levels of torque output and longer duration of operation between valve charges.

Scapin APB60N Battery Valve Driver

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Technical Data 
Max torque60 Nm (44 ft/lbs)
Continuous torque42 Nm (40 ft/lbs)
Output rpm123
Engine rpm19700
Reduction ratio3,5:1 + 50:1
Engine power 1100 Watt
Battery Hitachi 36V
Dimensions420 x 220 x 280(h) mm (16 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ x 11″)
Weight9 Kg including battery (20 lbs)
Bushing etching Q 24 x 24 x 5(h) mm

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