Gas / Petrol Motor Valve Driver

APS100N – Petrol (Gas) Motor Portable Valve Actuator140Nm Petrol Motor Valve Driver

Compact, light, quick, reliable, the model APS100N is a portable engine-operated actuation system that, coupled to manual operation units,  makes it possible to handle medium-size sluice gates quickly and safely.

With a weight of about 12 kg (26lbs) and a modern engine Honda GX25 4T, this model, that can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position, guarantees really surprising performances; it is actually the ideal partner for all water-treatment sector operators.


APS140N – Petrol Motor 140Nm Portable Valve Actuator

The top of the range is represented by the model APS140N, a high-performance portable engine-operated actuator that can handle, even under heavy conditions, average and big size sluice gates.

With a max torque of 147 Nm (108 ft/lbs) achieved via an engine Honda GX35 4T, this actuation system is the final solution to all those problems related to sluice gates that cannot be electrically fed, and therefore represents a true alternative to electrical actuation systems.


Max. Torque105 Nm (77 ft/lbs)147 Nm (108 ft/lbs)
Continuous Torque60 Nm (44 ft/lbs)96 Nm (71 ft/lbs)
Output RPM104110
Engine RPM80008500
Reduction Ratio77/177/1
Engine Power0,72 kW (1.0 HP)1,0 kW (1.0 HP)
Tank Capacity0,58 litres0,63 litres
Consumption0,54 l/h0,71 l/h
Dimensions515 x 250 x 313 mm (20" x 10" x 12")526 x 250 x 313 mm (21″ x 10″ x 12″)
Weight12 Kg (26 lbs)13 Kg (29 lbs)


Gas / Petrol Motor Portable Valve Drivers by F.Lli Scapin

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