Modec Battery Valve Drive Actuator

Model Number: JA73

Modec Portable Valve Actuators are able to deliver a high power for more than 30 minutes due to their long life batteries. This means they are not dependent on an energy source (electric plug or compressed air network) and can operate freely anywhere. Extremely robust, they have an integrated clutch system which protects the operator and the equipment, even if a valve is completely blocked.

The power limiter (available for all the Standard and Heavy duty models) and the torque limiter (available for Easy duty models) mean you can adapt the tool to any configuration and further improve user safety

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Smoke free
  • Easily transported
  • Quick implementation
  • Maximum torque: 760 Nm (560


Actuator HeadsAdaptorsBatteries
pneumatic actuator
Straight actuator head included as standard, compatible with all our adaptors range.
Right Angle
modec gasoline tool
Increases the torque and decreases the speed. Best solution to reach tight spots.
modec electric tool
For rising stem valves, the banjo actuator head is available in standard and heavy duty.
Fixed Universal
fixed universal adaptors
These universal adaptors must be fixed to the handwheel before use.
Fixed Finger
fixed finger
Simplest and most effective for clamping onto flat or slightly tampered handwheels.
spoke adaptor
Clamp to the handwheel and can turn in both directions with or without a rising system.
interfaces adaptor
Range of interfaces and extension bars for all configuration types.
The electric portable actuators use high performance batteries for greater autonomy. The Easy duty electric actuators come with two batteries and a charger. The batteries are inserted into the tool’s handle.
Read the user manual for information about charging, using and transporting the batteries.
The Standard duty and Heavy duty electric actuators come without a battery – both battery and charger need to be ordered separately. These batteries comes with a light, comfortable harness for use during transport or when using the actuator.
These universal adaptors must be fixed to the handwheel before use. Modec Battery
Technical DataBattery 36V 4AhBattery 43,2V 9AhBattery 43,2V 17,4Ah
Autonomy JA73E20 min--
Autonomy JA73S-15 min35 min
Autonomy JA73H-15 min35 min
Charging Time1h205h8h
Weight (kg (lb))1,3 (2,9)4,2 (9,3)5,9 (13)
Autonomy is measured for an equivalent torque of 50% maximum torque.

Read more about actuator heads


Straight or with RA30Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
JA73E-0059515 (41)15 (41)
JA73E-0182664 (47)64 (47)
JA73S-077110150 (110)120 (89)
JA73S-13263250 (180)200 (150)
JA73H-30927590 (435)470 (350)
With banjo head BJH01Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
JA73E-0052460 (44)60 (44)
JA73E-0187250 (180)250 (180)
JA73S-07727590 (435)470 (350)
JA73S-132Not availableNot availableNot available
JA73H-309Not availableNot availableNot available
With banjo head BJH02Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
JA73E-0053245 (33)45 (33)
JA73E-0189190 (140)190 (140)
JA73S-07736440 (320)350 (260)
JA73S-13221760 (560)600 (440)
JA73H-309Not availableNot availableNot available


Modec Electric Valve Actuator Layout
LayoutWeight * (kb) (lb)
JA73E9,9 (15,2)
JA73S/E10,1 (22,3)

Download the data sheet by clicking on the thumbnail image.

Electric Portable Vave Actuator Data Sheet Thumbnail