Modec Gasoline Valve Drive Actuator

Model Number: PY68

Modec Gas Portable Valve Actuators can be used in total autonomy – the only limit being the available petrol supply. They are particularly suitable for use in isolated outdoor places.

Extremely robust, they have an integrated clutch system which protects the operator and the equipment, even if a valve is completely blocked.

  • Unlimited autonomy
  • Extremely robust
  • Ideal for remote environments
  • Maximum torque: 700 Nm (520
Modec Gasoline Valve Drive


Actuator HeadsAdaptors
pneumatic actuator

Straight actuator head included as standard, compatible with all our adaptors range.

Right Angle
modec gasoline tool
Increases the torque and decreases the speed. Best solution to reach tight spots.
modec electric tool
For rising stem valves, the banjo actuator head is available in standard and heavy duty. 
Fixed Universal
fixed universal adaptors
These universal adaptors must be fixed to the handwheel before use.
Fixed Finger
fixed finger
Simplest and most effective for clamping onto flat or slightly tampered handwheels.
spoke adaptor
Clamp to the handwheel and can turn in both directions with or without a rising system.
interfaces adaptor
Range of interfaces and extension bars for all configuration types.


Straight or with RA30Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
PY68E-03130555 (41)41 (30)
PY68S-087100140 (100)115 (85)
PY68S-14863230 (170)195 (145)
PY68H-29332470 (350)385 (285)
With banjo head BJH01Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
PY68E-03175220 (160)160 (120)
PY68S-08727550 (400)460 (340)
PY68S-148Not availableNot availableNot available
PY68H-293Not availableNot availableNot available
With banjo head BJH02Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm (lb.ft))Starting torque (Nm (lb.ft))
PY68E-031100165 (12)120 (90)
PY68S-08736410 (300)345 (255)
PY68S-14821700 (520)585 (430)
PY68H-293Not availableNot availableNot available


 Gas Portable Valve Layout Diagram
LayoutWeight * (kb) (lb)
PY68E10 (22)
PY68S10,3 (22,7)
PY68H10,3 (22,7)
*Empty weight
Gas tank capacity : 0.5 l (0.13 US gal)

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