Pistol Grip Electric Valve Driver

110v/240v Electric Portable Valve Drive Tools

Where operating conditions allow, an electrical power tool option is available. For continual use, this mains powered tool is available in 110v or 240v variations.

3/4″ Square drive with direct connection to the valve stem via bespoke mounting kit, or universal wheel drive plate.Always use with a reaction device to protect the operator against snagging.

This tool can provide constant valve wheel driving throughout the full stroke of the valve. It doesn’t matter if the valve has a reduction gearbox or direct drive hand wheel. The mounting kit provided will be adapted to suit prevailing operating set up.

Electric portable valve drive tool
Output Torque20-106Nm (15 - 78lbs)150-550Nm (110 - 406ft/lbs)
Weight4.5kgs (10lbs)4.5kgs (10lbs)
Square Drive3/4"3/4"
Length (A)400mm (15-3/4")430mm (17")
Noise Level<80dB(A) <80dB(A)