ATEX Certified Pneumatic Portable Valve Actuator

OverviewPneumatic portable valve actuator

The ATEX Certified Pneumatic Portable Valve Actuator is ideal where mains or portable air is readily available. It is very fast to deploy on the valve when using its innovative valve wheel drive coupler device.

Operation can be achieved without the need to bolt the unit to the valve. Drive dogs on the underside of the tool head engage with the valve wheel spokes.

A reaction point is achieved using a lanyard system anchored to nearby fixed point. This protects the operator again torque load kick-backs, if the valve bottoms out or hits a tight spot.

Available in a range of sizes offering varying levels of torque and speed delivery.

Now ATEX APPROVED making it ideal for use in Oil, Gas and Chemical plants where rival products cannot be used without special permit.

Powerful, light and fast, the modec portable valve-air-actuators improve user’s safety, productivity and comfort while protecting valves from any damage. They adapt to all valve types with a torque that can reach 750 Nm, and to most hand wheels.
Our portable valve-air-actuators can be used directly on the hand wheel (without hand wheel pre-equipment needed) using the Spoke Adapter (SA) or they can be used with a Plate Adapter (PA) fixed on the hand wheel first. They can also be used for any rotating system with the help of specific adapters.


Atex portable valve driver dimensions

Model No.Dimension AWeight
AVPP025756,9kgs (15.2lbs)
AVPP065756,9kgs (15.2lbs)
AVPP1011818,5kgs (18.7lbs)
AVPP2611818,5kgs (18.7lbs)
AVPP50120510,5kgs (23.2lbs)


  • Torque limiter – The torque limiter stops the portable actuator once a certain torque is reached. It guarantees a precise torque applied.


We offer a complete range of accessories to match your needs including FRL Filter, Regulator & Lubricator units, pneumatic oil, motors maintenance kits, fittings, silencers, control handles.

Handwheel Adaptors

Depending on the type of hand wheels, we offer a choice of adapters to be used with the portable actuator.

Spoke adapters (SA) can be used directly with hand wheels. They do not require any “pre-equipment” on the wheel and use the spokes instead, for all diameters.

  • SA003 Universal adapter for any 2, 4 or 6-spokes hand wheel ≥ 250 mm diameter
  • SA004 Universal adapter for any 3-spokes hand wheel ≥ 160 mm diameter
  • SA005 Universal adapter for any 5-spokes hand wheel ≥ 250 mm diameter

Plate adapters (PA) require to be mounted on the hand wheel prior to operation for a safe an easy actuation.
They differ on the diameters to use.

  • PA300 for 200 to 300 mm diameter hand wheels (A)
  • PA400 for 250 to 400 mm diameter hand wheels (A)
  • PA500 for 350 to 500 mm diameter hand wheels (A)

Other Adaptors

We also propose other adapters to actuate directly valves stems or to use the AVPP as a nut runner using ¾’or 1’ standard sockets

  • TA 3/4 Adapter for ¾’ sockets
  • TA001 Adapter for 1’ sockets
  • HA055 55 mm hexagonal print adapter


Delivered with the AVPP02 and AVPP06 only.
Hold the handle with one hand and the flow regulator with the other, in order to be safe.