RPM300N Gearbox and Pedestal System for valves below ground

Scapin’s RPM ‘Portable valve gearbox’ for valves operators are specifically conceived and designed to perform easy and fast opening/closing of underground water valves, both manually or coupled with our APB/APS portable actuators.Valve Drive Chassis

RPM tools are the perfect devices for operating on underground valves not equipped with a reduction gearbox and usually moved using a T-Key, valves that require Nm value higher than manual work of one single operator, or when a valve requires a high number of turns to be fully open or closed.

Thanks to their light weight, RPM tools can be easily transported and mounted on intervention site. Locking system of chassis avoids ‘snatch’ rotation of RPM device while operating and prevents risks of injury to operators.

RPM devices available are RPM100N (reduction ratio 1:1) for operating on underground valves up to 100Nm, and RPM300N (reduction ratio 4,5:1) for moving valves up to 300Nm.

Every RPM device is composed of two different parts:

  • Basic Chassis (a portable tripod of 600mm height provided with fixing brackets and sleeve anchors) and Gearbox set.
  • Gearbox reducer, telescopic shaft and all remaining articles for mounting RPM device.

An accessories set that includes shaft extensions, adaptors and bushings (visit Portable Actuators section) are available to allow installation and usage of RPM tools on sites of several sizes and shapes.

under ground valve actuator

RPM devices guarantee high performances when used coupled with an APS portable actuator, allowing to open/close underground valves up to 300N in less time than manual movement of one (or more) operator, and with no physical effort requested.

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