Valve Assist Accessories

Transport Cases

To maintain optimum performance and durability, actuators needs to be stored in the right conditions. As well as providing protection, these boxes are also ideal for transporting all the equipment to sites and minimizing the risk of misplacing any parts.

Modec Transport Cases

Filter Regulators

Pneumatic portable valve actuators (HL83) require dry, clean and properly lubricated air in order to work effectively. The FRL unit filters, dries and lubricates the compressed air, guaranteeing that the motor operates as required. It also controls the air supply pressure, which in turn controls the actuator’s performance (maximum torque).

The FRL should be positioned less than 5 metres away from the tool. When selecting the FRL, check that it has a flow capacity suitable for the actuator’s requirement.

Modec Air Filter Regulator

Digital Revolution Counter

The digital revolution counter adds up the turns in one direction and subtracts them in the other direction so that the operator always knows where he is in relation to the starting point. It also measures and indicates the rotating speed.

It can be easily configured to adapt to the different actuator heads available (right angle or ringtype). Available for the HL83H, PY68 and JA73 models.

Modec Digital Revolution Counter

Torque Limiter

The torque limiter for modec portable valve actuators means you can disconnect the motor section from the gear box section when the torque limit is reached. No torque is thereafter applied by the actuator.

The operator can set the torque limit within a +/- 40% range of the original value. The torque limiter option is available for the HL83S and H models, as well as for the PY68 and JA73S and H models.

Modec Torque Limiter

Shoulder Harness

Shoulder belt (for APB60N and APS models)

Shoulder Harness

Night Light

For APB45N model, light kits are for night work and feature led lamps that ensure up to 30 hours of illumination.

Scapin Valve Assist Night LightNight Light Kit






Battery Pack

DeWalt Li-lo battery pack 36V (for APB45N model)

 DeWalt Li-lo battery pack 36V (for APB45N model)

DeWalt battery charger 230V (for APB45N model)

DeWalt battery charger 230V (for APB45N model)