Valve Lever Torque Multiplier

Significantly reduce input torque to open and close seized valves.Valve Lever Torque Multiplier

Up to 80% Torque Reduction

Operating tight or seized ball, butterfly and plug valves which are lever operated can be very difficult, time consuming and potentially dangerous.

Our new Valve Assist unit for lever operated valves is ideal for valve of this type, especially where there may be space constraints preventing the use of lever extensions.

Lever Valve Assist is available with a choice of torque ratio. The standard unit multiplies torque input by a ratio of 1:3. 1:4 and 1:5 ratios are also available.

The system is easily attached to the valve topworks and replaces the existing lever. In our test, a new valve with operating torque of over 300Nm (220 ft/lbs) could be operated with less than 60Nm (44 ft/lbs). Call us today for more information.