Padlocks are an essential starting point of any lockout procedure.
The safety integrity of the lockout lies with the Padlock.
It is essential to ensure that the padlock can only be removed by the person who applied it or, in their absence, an authorised supervisor.

Safety padlocks offered by Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd reduce the risk of duplicate, unauthorised keys coming into circulation. We achieve this as follows:

  1. Only 1 key per padlock
  2. Replacement keys only available from us
  3. Key captive when shackle is open
  4. All key numbers recorded by us for future reference

We are experienced in supplying bespoke safety lockout padlocks. An entire maintenance team can be equipped with a padlock system to your exact requirements. For example, we can create a padlock system where each worker has more than one padlock which all open with the same key, but are unique to the individual.

Padlocks Key Configuration


Padlocks Keyed Different
Keyed to Differ means all padlocks ordered will have a unique key, different to the others on your order.

Padlocks Keyed Alike
Looking for Keyed Alike Padlocks? We offer fantastic range of Keyed Alike Padlocks at the best prices, look no further. Visit us now!

Padlocks Master Key & Differ
Padlocks with different keys, that can be opened with a Master Key.

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